Blue Phoenix Index

Original Story written by Tinalynge

Editor: ONI_Ghost & FutureZootDoot

Cover art by Gikat


Sacrificing his life to protect his best friend was a decision which Hui Yue did not regret, yet who could have known that death was not the final destination, but rather the beginning of a new adventure into a world filled with demonic beasts and martial arts cultivation.

Hui Yue soon found that within this world, strength was what determined your future accomplishments and there was no space for the weak.
Embarking upon this new life, Hui Yue meets friends, experience betrayal, and starts his own journey of cultivation to overcome his limits and become strong.

Release Schedule

Seven guaranteed chapters a week.

Up to two sponsored chapters a week.

Martial Art, historical, action, adventure, romance, reincarnation


Alternative world, story takes place in a country very much akin to ancient China. Supernatural powers are the norm. (Prologue is in modern day China)

Rated mature due to violence and language. Murders, swearing, graphic violence will occur throughout this story


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Exclusive Chapters

Return to the Magical Forest – Part 1
Return to the Magical Forest – Part 2
Return to the Magical Forest – Part 3
Return to the Magical Forest – Part 4
Return to the Magical Forest – Part 5


Extra Chapters

April’s Fool: 2016


Book 1 – Riluo City

Chapter 1: Rebirth
Chapter 2: Soul Contract
Chapter 3: Unexpected Visitors
Chapter 4: His First Friend
Chapter 5: You are a Boy?
Chapter 6: Younger Brother
Chapter 7: Three Years Later
Chapter 8: Admission Test
Chapter 9: Courtyard 1009
Chapter 10: Qi Lightning
Chapter 11: You Tricked me?!
Chapter 12: Infamy
Chapter 13: Erased
Chapter 14: Shenyuan
Chapter 15: Pill Distribution Day
Chapter 16: Return to Riluo City
Chapter 17: The Unknown Expert
Chapter 18: Black Market Auction House
Chapter 19: The Great Sin
Chapter 20: Giving Face
Chapter 21: The Strength of a Saint Ranked Expert
Chapter 22: Watermill
Chapter 23: Soul Fusion
Chapter 24: Transforming Weapons
Chapter 25: Zhong Fai
Chapter 26: Father
Chapter 27: Secrets
Chapter 28: Confrontation
Chapter 29: Karma
Chapter 30: Dancing Qi Pillar
Chapter 31: The Tournament Begins!
Chapter 32: The First Fight
Chapter 33: Apology
Chapter 34: An Unlikely Opponent
Chapter 35: Wood Affinity
Chapter 36: Unwavering Determination
Chapter 37: Group Two
Chapter 38: The Right Hand Man
Chapter 39: The Final Eight
Chapter 40: Shadowbird
Chapter 41: Despair
Chapter 42: Four High Ranked Attacks
Chapter 43: Revenge
Chapter 44: Disqualified?
Chapter 45: The Final Match
Chapter 46: First Blood
Chapter 47: Keep My Secret
Chapter 48: They Are Back
Chapter 49: Black Blood
Chapter 50: Divine Flowers
Chapter 51: A True Treasure
Chapter 52: Towards the Magical Forest
Chapter 53: Returning Home
Chapter 54: Morning Hunt
Chapter 55: Unwanted Guests
Chapter 56: Crusaders
Chapter 57: Into the Magical Forest
Chapter 58: Reinforcements
Chapter 59: The Price for Survival
Chapter 60: Stalking
Chapter 61: Three Beast Sisters
Chapter 62: The Outside World
Chapter 63: Lady or Beast?
Chapter 64: Bathtub Trouble
Chapter 65: Cat Fight
Chapter 66: Displeasure
Chapter 67: Strange Occurrences
Chapter 68: Assassins
Chapter 69: Is It A Test?
Chapter 70: The Birthday
Chapter 71: Unknown Future
Chapter 72: I Trust Him
Chapter 73: The Green Pearl
Chapter 74: Food With Iron
Chapter 75: The Mansion
Chapter 76: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Chapter 77: Silent Raven
Chapter 78: To Trade Information
Chapter 79: Old Beardy Makes His Move
Chapter 80: Elemental Affinity
Chapter 81: Delay In the Plans
Chapter 82: Plea for Help
Chapter 83: Spiritual Arts
Chapter 84: Syncing Elemental Affinities
Chapter 85: Friends
Chapter 86: Shui Wu
Chapter 87: Asking for Assistance
Chapter 88: Fire
Chapter 89: Frozen Brigade
Chapter 90: It Begins
Chapter 91: Battlefield
Chapter 92: The Strength of a Necromancer
Chapter 93: The Secret is Out
Chapter 94: Departure
Chapter 95: The Trial


Book 2 – Dungeons of the Divine

Chapter 96: The Cliff
Chapter 97: The Maze
Chapter 98: Entering Another World
Chapter 99: Children
Chapter 100: Laws
Chapter 101: Village
Chapter 102: The City Lord
Chapter 103: Being a Guest
Chapter 104: Dried Strip of Meat
Chapter 105: Understanding the Basics
Chapter 106: Tunnels
Chapter 107: Wolf
Chapter 108: Poppies
Chapter 109: Soul Shadows
Chapter 110: Stone Chamber
Chapter 111: Refining Bone Marrow
Chapter 112: Impatience
Chapter 113: The Dragon Corps
Chapter 114: Battle in the Tunnels
Chapter 115: The Road of a Primal Law
Chapter 116: The Path I take
Chapter 117: King of the Forest
Chapter 118: One Week Past
Chapter 119: Farewell, Oh King of the Forest
Chapter 120: Entrance Fee
Chapter 121: Mercenary Guild
Chapter 122: The World Above
Chapter 123: Becoming Mercenaries
Chapter 124: Signing Up
Chapter 125: The Arena
Chapter 126: Let the Fight Commence
Chapter 127: Previous Lives
Chapter 128: Report
Chapter 129: To Seize the Moment
Chapter 130: Time to Duel
Chapter 131: Next, Please
Chapter 132: Alternative Fighting
Chapter 133: Unexpected Visit
Chapter 134: Join Us?
Chapter 135: Zhou Long
Chapter 136: A Three Way Battle
Chapter 137: Elemental Flame
Chapter 138: He is Sacred
Chapter 139: Parallel Mountain Range
Chapter 140: Horned Snake
Chapter 141: Chaos
Chapter 142: From the Mouth of the Beast
Chapter 143: Mission
Chapter 144: An Escort Mission
Chapter 145: Departure
Chapter 146: Unending Forest
Chapter 147: Taking Flight
Chapter 148: Needles
Chapter 149: The Blushing Sleepyhead
Chapter 150: A Warm Bath
Chapter 151: Commoner’s Marketplace
Chapter 152: Stone
Chapter 153: Alcohol
Chapter 154: Demon Dancing Family
Chapter 155: Battle in the Arena
Chapter 156: Merged Souls
Chapter 157: The Giant
Chapter 158: Wasteful Brat
Chapter 159: Meridians and Benefits
Chapter 160: Message for the Frozen General
Chapter 161: Dragon Corps’ Lord
Chapter 162: Yang Bai
Chapter 163: The First Night
Chapter 164: Scarface
Chapter 165: New Route
Chapter 166: Attack in the Tunnels
Chapter 167: Golden Lion’s Cave
Chapter 168: The Red Weasel
Chapter 169: Thousand River’s Cave
Chapter 170: Training House
Chapter 171: Comrades
Chapter 172: The Spy
Chapter 173: Explain
Chapter 174: Criminals
Chapter 175: Sailing on the Thousand Rivers
Chapter 176: Taken Prisoner
Chapter 177: Important Cargo
Chapter 178: Escape Plans
Chapter 179: Wolf
Chapter 180: Rendezvous
Chapter 181: Spar with Me
Chapter 182: Persomnal Insight
Chapter 183: Traveling through Dragon Avenue
Chapter 184: Esteemed Guests
Chapter 185: The Intruder
Chapter 186: Azure Dragon
Chapter 187: Setting up a Soul Contract
Chapter 188: Behind the Door
Chapter 189: Present
Chapter 190: Is he not one of you?
Chapter 191: S Ranked Experts
Chapter 192: The House of Silenc
Chapter 193: The Strange Visitor
Chapter 194: A Storm Brewing
Chapter 195: I am from Riluo City!
Chapter 196: Experts Awaiting
Chapter 197: Underground Battle
Chapter 198: The Blue Sky


Book 3 – Drums of War

Chapter 199: A Whole New World
Chapter 200: Lords of the Forest
Chapter 201: Back to Basics
Chapter 202: To Become Strong
Chapter 203: Lynx
Chapter 204: Through the Wilderness
Chapter 205: Golden Streaks of Light
Chapter 206: The Time for Talking has Long Since Passed
Chapter 207: Wan Qiao
Chapter 208: Training from Hell
Chapter 209: A Secret Within
Chapter 210: Previous Lives
Chapter 211: Life in Shenyuan
Chapter 212: Prowess of a Wolf
Chapter 213: The Delegation
Chapter 214: According to Plan
Chapter 215: Battle Royale
Chapter 216: Bullying
Chapter 217: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 218: Human amongst Beasts
Chapter 219: Starry Sky
Chapter 220: You are Me
Chapter 221: Li Meilin
Chapter 222: Let’s Escape
Chapter 223: Drums of War
Chapter 224: Are You Serious?
Chapter 225: The Art of War
Chapter 226: The Lords Arrive
Chapter 227: Lord Pan
Chapter 228: A Bridge Between Two Worlds
Chapter 229: Battle of the Guards
Chapter 230: The Victor
Chapter 231: Li Meilin and the Maid
Chapter 232: Hatred Through The Years
Chapter 233: The Messenger
Chapter 234: The Lords have Arrived
Chapter 235: Private Chamber Talk
Chapter 236: Conclave of the Lords
Chapter 237: To Wage War or Not
Chapter 238: Letting Her Go
Chapter 239: The Dangers of Leaving
Chapter 240: Returning Home
Chapter 241: Balance of Energies
Chapter 242: List of the Lords
Chapter 243: To Build an Army
Chapter 244: The Select Few
Chapter 245: The Imperial Palace
Chapter 246: The Army Commanders
Chapter 247: Tent Camp
Chapter 248: Meeting the Army
Chapter 249: The Blue Cloud
Chapter 250: The Monk
Chapter 251: Astonishment
Chapter 252: Skills of a Monk
Chapter 253: An Unbelievable Attack
Chapter 254: Training the Guards
Chapter 255: Preparing for War
Chapter 256: Supporting the Army
Chapter 257: Going to War
Chapter 258: Towards Siban Empire
Chapter 259: Crossing the Mountain
Chapter 260: In Enemy Territory
Chapter 261: Machines of War
Chapter 262: Scouts
Chapter 263: A Shining Star
Chapter 264: Beast Horde
Chapter 265: The Oasis
Chapter 266: Traveling Through the Siban Empire
Chapter 267: Let the War Begin
Chapter 268: Battlefield
Chapter 269: Newborn Crusader
Chapter 270: Rivers of Blood
Chapter 271: Recoil
Chapter 272: Becoming Human Once More
Chapter 273: Time to Attack
Chapter 274: The Massacre
Chapter 275: Return to Sender
Chapter 276: The Siege
Chapter 277: Wan Qiao’s Task
Chapter 278: Overwhelming Strength
Chapter 279: Real Battle
Chapter 280: Return to the Beginning
Chapter 281: Vengeance
Chapter 282: The Difference in Strength
Chapter 283: Undying
Chapter 284: It is Time
Chapter 285: The Final Clash
Chapter 286: A Strange Encounter
Chapter 287: The Hunt
Chapter 288: Ash
Chapter 289: The Pyre
Chapter 290: Golden Eyes
Chapter 291: Cai Jie
Chapter 292: Grand Marshall of the Siban Empire
Chapter 293: Who Really Killed Her?


Book 4 – Grave of the Unknown

Chapter 294: On the Road
Chapter 295: Reunion
Chapter 296: Together Once More
Chapter 297: Dinner Appointment
Chapter 298: The Upper Class
Chapter 299: Sorry
Chapter 300: Enemies
Chapter 301: The Black Lion
Chapter 302: Searching
Chapter 303: Starting a Faction
Chapter 304: Precious Stone
Chapter 305: Settling in Muchuan City
Chapter 306: House Hunting
Chapter 307: Mixed Blood
Chapter 308: Crusaders in Town
Chapter 309: Who is He?
Chapter 310: Necromancy
Chapter 311: First Step towards the Future
Chapter 312: Welcome to the Banquet
Chapter 313: The Royal Family
Chapter 314: Night Time Discussion
Chapter 315: Jesting
Chapter 316: To the Castle
Chapter 317: The Third Prince
Chapter 318: What is she Doing?
Chapter 319: Mute
Chapter 320: Treasury
Chapter 321: Sword of the Icy Tempest
Chapter 322: Spiritual Blacksmith
Chapter 323: Sacred Solarflare
Chapter 324: Nine Heaven’s Blood Forging
Chapter 325: Nine Heaven’s Devouring Blood Metal
Chapter 326: Restoration
Chapter 327: Beast Blood Forging
Chapter 328: Let Us Try it Out
Chapter 329: Young Master of the Jing Family
Chapter 330: Compensation
Chapter 331: Support
Chapter 332: The Return of Sha Yun
Chapter 333: Investment
Chapter 334: Investigation
Chapter 335: Mysterious Silence
Chapter 336: The Secret
Chapter 337: Grave of the Unknown
Chapter 338: The Gift
Chapter 339: City in Turmoil
Chapter 340: Pest Control
Chapter 341: Return of the Jing
Chapter 342: Setting Up
Chapter 343: Robbery
Chapter 344: To Stand One’s Ground
Chapter 345: Arriving at the Grave
Chapter 346: Blood Essence Inscription
Chapter 347: Breaking the Seal
Chapter 348: Treasure Huts


23 thoughts on “Blue Phoenix Index

  1. I found your story on royalroad, the story is very interesting, keep up the good work and I’ll be waiting for more chapters!!!! 🙂 thank you for your time!


  2. Your story is pretty interesting and I like it. I found your site link thru wuxiaworld. I was wondering, u would update new chapter here on this site first before update on wuxiaworld or update new chapter on both site around the same time or are u focusing updating new chapters from now on , on this site?


  3. I will without a doubt keep updating on Wuxiaworld every time a chapter is ready. The ‘Original Stories’ part of Wuxiaworld was what finally pushed me to transition this story from a lot of ideas into what it is now.

    I consider the Wuxiaworld forum as the main home of this story, while this and RoyalRoadL are extra places to upload it, hoping that others might like it 🙂


  4. hello…. a bit shy, but I just want to say I am your biggest fan ever, even though I am only in chapter 18 right now


  5. His is an OK weeks, but please no more romance crap, it’s terrible and would prefer he worked on own and improve.

    PS on personal not ebks for this on Amazon are way too expensive at £3.99. so can not afford to buy anymore unless drop price plus do.


  6. Great story so far own them through drums of war. Ready for the next one. Excellent character development and fun to read. One of the few series that take me more than a day to read. Most books are snacks or maybe a small meal, these are more like feasts. Keep up the great work


    • I will be releasing the book as soon as the cover has finished being created. My artist is a little slow this time, but you can read the book on where it is already finished 🙂


  7. Hello there Tina Lynge,
    I currently read your story and i got a question in mind about the storyline, especially Yue’s phenomena.

    i was a little confused reading the latest chapter where he is telling his new ‘beasts’ from the Vermillion Bird Trial, that he has opened 5 of the nine caves, because when i read through the drums of war arc, you already introduced the 6th phenomon, but afterwards u didnt mention it at all.

    It would be very nice, if u could clarify this, because it keeps bothering me all the time.

    Thank you very much


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