Blue Phoenix Glossary

Strength Rankings and skills

Student – Lower Dantian
Disciple – Lower Dantian
Practitioner – Lower Dantian

Master – Middle Dantian
Grand Master – Middle Dantian
Duke – Middle Dantian

King – Upper Dantian
Emperor – Upper Dantian
Saint – Upper Dantian

God – I will not explain this one yet as it has some effect on the story.

Each rank has an additional nine stars within the rank.
Lower Dantian is essence gathering and refining Qi – used for Martial Art skills
Middle Dantian is spiritual energy used for spiritual attacks (magic) and elemental affinity.
Upper Dantian is a force called Wu Wei. It will be described later on.

Martial Art Skills
Martial art skills are divided into ten ranks equal to the strength rankings, but unlike stars they are divided into low, middle or high rank, such as the Martial Art Skill Velocity Flow that Hui Yue gains in chapter five. That is a High King ranked martial art skill.

Spiritual energy attacks skills are split into elemental affinity. A better description will be provided upon reaching a point in the story where spiritual energy plays a larger role. It is impossible to know the cultivators elemental affinity before unlucky the middle dantian.

Hui Yue – Sacrifices his life to protect his childhood friend, and the woman he loves. Reborn into another world. He is the host of Lan Feng
Lan Feng – The son of the Vermilion Bird. Was locked inside a hairpin for four thousand years before cohabiting within Hui Yue’s body.
Li Fen – Hui Yue’s childhood friend who was saved by Hui Yue.

Hui Lifen – Hui Yue’s mother in the new world
Hui Guang – Hui Yue’s father in the new world.

Rong Liang – Lord of Ruliu City
Rong Ming – Lord Rong Liang’s only son. Twin brother to Rong Xing.
Rong Xing – Lord Rong Liang’s only daughter. Twin sister to Rong Ming.
Bu Huang – Lord Rong Liang’s Councillor.

Elder Wang – Elder of the Royal Academy. One of the Great Hundred Names.
Gao Yan – Commoner from Royal Academy with great talent.
Ma Kong – Young Noble from the Royal Academy.
Deng Wu – Young Noble from the Royal Academy. From the Great Hundred Names.
Wang Jingshen – Older brother to Wang Ju Long. From the Wang Family.
Wang Ju Long – Younger brother of Wang Jingshen. From the Wang Family.
Teacher Li Yuan – Teacher in charge of Hui Yue’s class

Taiyang Kingdom – Previously belonging to the Azure Dragon. A part of the Alliance
Shenyuan – Previously belonging to the Vermilion Bird. Everything about it is unknown
Siban Empire – Previously belonging to the White Tiger. A part of the Alliance..
Yueliang Province – Previously belonging to the Black Turtle. A part of the Alliance.

Hui Yue Skill list

Velocity Flow – Movement Martial Art Skill, High King Ranked, increases movement speed, creates an afterimage, creates a number of copies based on the user’s strength.
Qi Guard – Defensive Martial Art Skill, Low Duke Ranked, Solidifies Qi into a shield to protect certain areas of the body. Qi shield increases in size depending on the user’s strength. The higher quality qi, the stronger the shield.
Raging Strike – Attack Martial Art Skill, Lower Practitioner Ranked, Allows the user to use his Qi to imbue a weapon to increase the damage done.
Shattering Kick – Attack Martial Art Skill, Higher Disciple Ranked, Allows the user to strengthen the legs with Qi, granting it enough power to shatter stones.
Stone Fist – Attack Martial Art Skill, Lower Practitioner Ranked, Allows the user to strengthen the fist, granting it enough power to shatter stones.

Other things
Phoenix Hairpin


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