Blue Phoenix Chapter 528

Chapter 528: Cheat

Written by Tinalynge

Edited by ONI_Ghost

Beta-read by Soultorrent

Proofread by Tue

There is a few things i need to announce today so let us start by giving you all an apology.

I have made a major mistake in Blue Phoenix. In Book 3 did I open the cave which contained a mysterious star. This star I later forgot that I had already opened and thus it has not been given a lot of attention.

Today I was made aware of my blunder, and I feel very embarrassed to say the least. However, I wish to ensure that in the future this mysterious star will be open and its might will shine upon Hui Yue’s unfortunate situations.

In the future the nine lives are as following:

Red Mist

Blue Cloud

Green Pearl


Red Gem

Mysterious Star

Black Figure with White Specks of Light



So in total seven out of nine lives have been opened. Three has been merged with Hui Yue and another three has been used.

The Wings are used for flying.

The red gem has given Hui Yue outstanding endurance

The Black figure controls the Dao of Space.

Once again, apologies for the confusion and I hope you will forgive me!

Secondly, I would like to announce that I was so lucky and was contacted by the magazine Vistastory and participated in an interview. This interview is now available for everyone who is my patron. The interview focuses on the entire western’s fascination over the chinese webnovels and it is an interesting read, so if you were considering becoming my patron, then please do not hesitate and join the already amazing group of people who supports me.


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