Blue Phoenix Chapter 448

Chapter 448: Trial of Strength

Written by Tinalynge

Edited by ONI_Ghost

Beta-read by Soultorrent

Proofread by Tue


Thank you all for reading the new chapter, I hope you will enjoy it.


I would like to take the time to introduce a new member of our team, Tue. He is our new proofreader. There will be an additional proofreader joining our team soon.


So now we have both beta-reader, proofreaders and editor so I think I will take the time to introduce the different members of our Blue Phoenix team to you all.


The reason I have both proofreaders, beta-readers and editors are all for the sake of improving the quality of the novel which you all get to read. My beta-reader Soultorrent is someone who focuses on the plot. He reads all chapters, ensures that there are no plotholes, tells me about which things needs to be rewritten for better understanding and explanation and also someone whom I discuss future plot twists and important points with.


My editor reads through all the chapters, corrects all my mistakes, tells me of things to rewrite and in general is the one who makes Blue Phoenix readable. ONI_Ghost is my editor and he has been in the Blue Phoenix team for more than a year now. I truly owe him a lot!


The proofreaders are the last people who reads through the chapters before they go out. they catch the final mistakes that the rest of us has missed and make sure that they get corrected before we release the chapter. Currently one proofreader has joined the team and that is Tue, but another will be joining our team soon.


This was a quick run down of our team, I hope you will keep supporting us in the future!


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