Blue Phoenix Chapter 435

Chapter 435: Plummeting to the Ground

Written by Tinalynge

Edited by ONI_Ghost


Hello everyone.


I wish I had better news, but I am afraid that the news I bring today are anything but pleasant.

To make things short, I will not be releasing any Overthrowing Fate today and for the next week there will neither be any OF nor any BP releases.

Some things have happened in my family and although I wish I could handle them at the same time as writing, this is not the case. To deal with these issues I will therefore need a seven days break.

The next Blue Phoenix Chapter(apart from tonights chapter) will be released the 27th of November while the next Overthrowing Fate chapter will be released the 29th of November.

I am truly very sorry for this but some things we cannot control. Please excuse me for needing this short break.

Kind Regards



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