Blue Phoenix Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Father

Written by Tinalynge

Edited by ONI_Ghost


If you enjoy reading Blue Phoenix you might enjoy the exclusive chapters that my Patrons on Patreon have access to. The first mini arc, of seven chapters, was a short story about Hui Yue returning home, only to find that things were not as they had expected. This mini arc ended last month and this month a new one has begun. This mini arc is about the Red Wolf, his life and his death. If you are curious about the red wolf, then this is the chace to get some answers. You can find all these extra chapters here on my Patreon:Tinalynge’s Patreon


Also don’t forget the art contest that I am currently hosting 🙂  If interested have a look at this page,


A friend of mine has managed to get his book published, properly published with real books, if you are interested try reading it here


Thank you for reading the story, I hope you will enjoy the chapter!


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