Chapter 62 + 63

Chapter 62: The Outside World

Chapter 63: Lady or Beast?

Written by Tinalynge

Edited by ONI_Ghost


Last guaranteed chapter of the week!

I’m not able to do as elaborate a christmas event such as TMW and CSG, but my christmas event starts today, hope you will enjoy these great days with your friends and family, and hopefully you will enjoy the extra chapters too ~


I was asked by some readers if I was interested in making a wikia website for Blue Phoenix and I thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately I also realised that it was something which would take me quite some time to do and I do prefer writing rather than updating a wikia in my sparetime.

That being said, the wikia is ready in case any of my readers are bored enough to update it

Link til Wikia can be found here


2 thoughts on “Chapter 62 + 63

    • I am currently stuck on the old server from gravity while the majority has moved to the new one. Zen should have been a darling and sorted it.

      If they still do not work, go to gravity’s main site and find Blue Phoenix under the original stories, then you can find the chapters 🙂


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