Chapter 32 – The First Fight

Chapter 32: The First Fight

Written by Tinalynge

Edited by Acumen & Zen

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Chapter 31 – The Tournament Begins

Chapter 31: The Tournament Begins!

Written by: Tinalynge

Edited by: Acumen, Zen & Lantas

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I have decided to continue using the current system of releases. I feel like it is much more manageable to write this sized chapters and it makes it easier for the editors as well.

Should you feel like this somehow makes the quality drop, please call me out on it!

Chapter 26 – Father


For the next week I will be trying out something new. I will be releasing six chapters for this week, starting today. These chapters are slightly shorter than the previous ones, however none of them will be below 2000 words (which is the size of this chapter)

This means that I will be released a whole lot more than I used to do, however I feel like it is worth it. If you prefer the old way of longer chapters twice a week then please throw a comment. If I get enough negative comments  I will revert to the old way after this week is up.

Together with the released six guaranteed chapters a week I will still release five sponsored chapters at $30 each.

Yes it is true that the price has been risen from $20 to $30 although the chapters has dropped in size, however I am releasing the double amount of guaranteed chapters each week, so I hope you will not be too mad about this. Also $30 is not a lot considering I still spend a very long time on each chapter 🙂

Chapter 26 – Father

Written by: Tinalynge

Edited by: Acumen & Lantes

First guaranteed chapter of the week!